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To ensure success tenants should treat a rental application the same way they would a job interview.The first important step is to make sure your application is complete.

The following is a list of important information that should be included;

Reference letters- from past landlords and employers.This will establish your employment and rental history.
Pay slips – pay slips and bank statements will demonstrate you are financially able to rent the property.
Pet references – if you have a pet, it is advised to include a pet reference from your past or current landlord.
Photo identification – a drivers licence or passport confirms you are who you say you are.
Deposit/rental ledger- this highly regarded document provides a summary of your payment history for a previous rental property. 
Cover letter- this extra effort will demonstrate a type of professionalism which will surely stand out from the crowd.

The Melbourne rental market is extremely competitive so ideally your application should be submitted on the day you view the property.

When attending inspections be sure to make a good first impression. Introduce yourself and be polite, friendly and enthusiastic. This, along with your neat, tidy and presentable appearance, will help you stand out and be remembered when property managers are looking through all the applications.

As an added extra offer your expertise to the landlord e.g. if you are a landscape gardener offer to upgrade the garden at a reduced rate.This could secure the property for you.

If you are happy with the property and your application has been submitted, it is important to be prepared to pay the first month’s rent and a bond should you be successful.

Ensure you follow up with the agent a few days after you have attended the inspection.This will showcase your interest and dedication to the property, as well as guarantee that the agent knows your name, hence becoming more familiar with you and your application.

If you find your application is continually rejected.The following are common reasons why;
•  You haven’t provided enough evidence of your income
•  You haven’t completed the application properly including all supporting documentation
•  You’re applying for properties outside your price range.Rent should not exceed 30% of your income
•  You didn’t apply quickly enough

By following the tips given in this article you will definitely flutter above the rental application pack giving you the best chance to secure your preferred property.
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