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Merewyn Hodshon (Kew)

After several weeks of searching Peter recommended an unrenovated home in Yarraville in Melbourne’s inner west. According to Peter capital growth in this area of Melbourne has been exceptional over the previous few years and has excellent prospects for the future. I would never normally have selected this property as it was extremely run down. I had full confidence in Peter, as he is a registered builder hence informing me of all repairs necessary. According to Peter he would be able to refurbish the property into rentable order using minimal funds within a few weeks.

The agents were quoting around two hundred and sixty thousand dollars. It was certainly a huge advantage having an experienced bidder acting for me at the auction. Peter took control of proceedings and was able to secure the property on my behalf for an astoundingly low two hundred and twenty three thousand dollars well below my upper limit of two hundred and sixty thousand.

After settlement I employed Peter to refurbish the property into rentable order. Within a few weeks I was amazed to discover that he had completed the project on time using minimal funds as per our agreement. I would never have been able to complete this on my own.

At this point my circumstances changed and I needed to sell the property to recoup some funds. I hence put the property on the market and was able to reap a substantial profit. Having to sell the property soon after purchase could have been a disaster had it not been for Peter’s knowledge and experience in real estate and building matters.

Throughout the whole process it was a huge advantage having Peter on my side, being a licensed builder and estate agent he was able to give me help and advice on all my concerns. I felt I had all my bases covered. Through out the whole process he was honest, conducted his business with a high degree of integrity and professionalism, and most importantly followed through on all his promises delivering much more than I expected. Buying property can be stressful time consuming and financially draining, he certainly eliminated all these factors for me. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who wishes to venture into the property market either as a first timer, or as a time efficient way of adding to a current property portfolio.

On the sale of our business we required a safe investment for our funds. We decided residential property was a safe investment that would produce good returns over a five to ten year period of time. After spending many months looking for an investment property we came across two townhouses that were being built by Peter Rogozik.

We were immediately impressed with Peter’s open and honest way of doing business. Firstly he invited us to take an active role in the project by visiting the site every day if we so desired. He made available all documents and information relating to the project, everything from a full set of specifications to an electrical plan. His thoroughness and professionalism set him apart from all other developers we encountered over the previous few months. He even provided a materials sample board and a file with a full set of brochures relating to every fixture and fitting.

We made a decision to purchase the property well before completion, ordinarily this can be a risky process however we were very satisfied with the final outcome. Peter completed the project on time and exactly according to specifications, he even included extras at no expense. Throughout the construction phase he kept us informed of all progress, it certainly was a stress free process.

On completion he delivered to us two very high quality homes that have proven to be an excellent investment. Capital growth in the Yarraville area has been exceptional over the last few years. Post settlement a minor maintenance repair was attended to promptly and efficiently.

I have no reservations in recommending Peter’s projects to any prospective purchaser of real estate.

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