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The triumvirate that every property investor should have

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Every property investor needs a good handyperson, plumber and electrician. Having these three contacts will not only help take the stress out of being a property investor it will also save substantial amounts of money.

Consistent high quality workmanship, reliability and a competitive price are rare with tradespeople provided by a property manager.

Tradespeople provided by a property manager can cost double or even triple compared to your own tried and trusted tradespeople.

Tradespeople who receive regular work from a real estate firm are mostly not held accountable by having to compete to win the job hence can charge exorbitant amounts.

A handyperson, plumber and electrician cover the greater majority of maintenance requirements of an investment property. A versatile handyperson is particularly valuable as they can carry out tasks such as carpentry, painting and tiling. It doesn’t matter what their primary role is, what’s important is that they are multi-skilled.

Engaging a multi-skilled tradesperson goes a long way to making the process easier for all concerned.Tenants are disturbed less as one tradesperson can complete multiple jobs. Also, it eliminates the requirement to coordinate multiple appointments for different tradespeople.

Another advantage of having your own tradespeople is that they get to know your property and are able to give advice on preventative maintenance issues. This will save owners a lot of money in the long run.

As you can see it is definitely worth the effort finding your own handyperson, electrician and plumber. The end result will be a saving in time, money and stress.
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