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Attributes of a quality asset

Blue chip residential investment real estate has all the attributes of what a quality asset should have.

The primary attribute is that it must double in value within a relatively short period of time.This overrides all other important ingredients.The optimum residential property selection will double in value approximately every ten years.

Secondly, a quality investment asset should provide an ongoing and increasing income. Having an asset that appreciates well but does not provide an income doesn’t cut it in the long run.

The advantage of having a regular and increasing income means the asset can support you during retirement.

Another attribute of a quality asset is that your initial capital outlay must be secure. It is not much fun if one minute you are riding high and the next minute you have lost everything. Well located property is as safe as an asset can be.

Another attribute of a quality asset is that it can be quickly and easily turned to cash. Property certainly ticks this box as its accumulated equity can be borrowed against. Alternatively it can be sold in a relatively short period of time. A quality property attracts a frenzy of buyers even when property markets are struggling.

Another advantage of real estate as an asset is that its capital value can be substantially increased through strategic improvements. Most property owners are capable of organizing these improvements.

There is no other asset class that can boast these types of attributes. Also, contrary to many other types of assets direct property investment gives the investor full control over outcomes. There are no board of directors, fund managers or bank executives pulling the strings.

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