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Buying rural property

Buying rural property throws up a unique set of circumstances for property buyers. People that have never purchased a property in a rural area would be well advised to seek independent advice before taking the plunge.

Over the last few years I have assisted several buyers purchase rural property. I am confident I can add much value to any rural purchase.

Among some of the more important issues to contend with when buying rural property is the effect of what may be occurring on adjoining properties. For example, adjoining farming activities can create noise or odour that impact on lifestyle.

Investigating constraints that are stipulated in zoning, overlays and covenants will give an indication of what activities are likely to be approved by local governments.

Many rural properties do not have fences intact and if they do they may not be accurate. Depending on the size of a rural property a boundary survey may be required.

The threat of bush fire is an ongoing risk in rural areas. Buyers considering undertaking a renovation should be aware there are strict fire safe regulations as to design and construction in rural areas. Establishing fire breaks and having emergency procedures in place are also important considerations.

Most rural areas do not have stormwater drainage, mains water supply or a central sewerage system. Before signing on the dotted line buyers need to understand the implications of this lack of amenity and how it will impact on their ongoing living expenses.

Some rural areas have thriving community centres, bustling pubs and busy town centres, while others are sleepy, peaceful and isolated. Consider what you want from a rural community and spend time in the area before buying to see if it can provide the lifestyle you’re looking for.

These are just some of the many considerations that need to be assessed by rural property buyers. Always seek expert independent advice before buying rural property.

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