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Feng Shui ideas

When it comes to adding new life to your home, there are many Feng Shui principles you can easily apply to invigorate the spaces you live in.

Just breathe – Open doors and windows for a little while each day to replenish and invigorate the life force of your home.

Bedroom bliss – make sure that the head of your bed is placed to a solid wall with a clear view to the door for a strong and harmonious placement.

First impressions – the entrance to your home should be strong, welcoming and free of telltale signs of neglect such as leaves and cobwebs. You want your home to be secure, strong and welcoming, encouraging friends and prosperity, but protecting from unwanted influences.

Clutter-free – let go of things that no longer have real relevance to your current life. An unwillingness to let go can be an obstruction to ch’i and new opportunities.

So beautiful – introduce special items and colours into your home that express for you beauty and joy. This could be a special painting, a vase of flowers or a richly coloured feature wall.

Avoid the rays – electrical items that emit electro-magnetic radiation can be harmful to health. Minimise use and exposure to mobile phones and microwave ovens, and keep your clock radio at least an arm’s length from your head.

Find a balance – as with most things in life, aim for a balance of colours, textures and materials. Too much of any one element can be unsettling, chaotic and intense.

Nature knows best – bring nature and the ever-changing beauty of the seasons into your home using indoor plants and fresh-cut flowers, and capture views to the sky or the garden.

For further information on how a modern application of Feng Shui could invigorate your home, call Kerry of Spirit of Design on 03 9399 2449, or visit the website at www.spiritofdesign.com.au


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