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Feng Shui strategies help increase home values

Finding Balance

When it comes to your number one “investment”, there are various strategies you can implement to increase the material and emotional value of your home.

Kerry Tabor of Spirit of Design says many people are using her Feng Shui advice to enhance not only the chances of sale, but also to

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increase the feelings of peace, balance, comfort and beauty in their homes.

“Finding balance in anything is about assessing the things that are most important and arranging our homes to be consistent with this,” says Kerry. “Our home is an anchor that provides the foundations for us to be successful. Energy and wealth can dissipate if our homes lose this sense of balance. While it’s not a magic fix, feng shui can help restore balance.”

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Feng Shui recognises that the state of our living environments is a reflection of our inner state of mind and quality of life. In our increasingly busy world, our homes become extremely important as places that bring us back to ourselves.

Starting out in environmental management, Kerry’s initial interest was in the natural environment and in ways to bring nature to people.

Following many years of training in classical and contemporary Feng Shui and design, Kerry has tied the elements of her passion and experiences together and now runs her own Feng Shui and holistic design business. She is also frequently invited to speak to professional organizations and associations.

“As an environmental scientist who has studied Feng Shui and sacred design in Australia and overseas, I am continually inspired by the immediate and long term benefits possible by drawing from both ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge to create a harmony between person and place,” she says.

Bring your home to life

If you’ve ever walked into a home that just ‘feels right’, in Feng Shui terms it probably has just the right balance ch’i or life force energy.

It’s important to make sure that a home fits the lifestyle preferences and personal and collective needs of the people who live in the space. It’s like everything in life, what’s right for some people will be wrong for others.

When it comes to applying Feng Shui principles to a site, Kerry uses a combination of methods to determine the most positive design arrangement of space, specifically designing structure and form to suit the individuals.

“When looking at a property it’s important to consider the whole context,” says Kerry. “I examine the building’s orientation, weather and light influences, surrounding environment, the shape, form and structure of the building, interior room arrangements and design, movement and quality of life force energy, and numerous other features before making any recommendations.”

There are many benefits when the elements of a home are aligned according to Feng Shui principles including a better quality of sleep, greater productivity, harmony between family members, improved health, increased prosperity, higher energy levels, peace of mind and an ability to make informed and confident choices.

Nature knows best – bring nature and the ever-changing beauty of the seasons into your home using indoor plants and fresh-cut flowers, and capture views to the sky or the garden.

Kerry provides a list of Feng Shui ideas that can add new life to your home.

For further information on how a modern application of Feng Shui could invigorate your home, call Kerry and Spirit of Design on 03 9399 2449, or visit the website at www.spiritofdesign.com.au


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