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New service: Finding and screening a suitable builder.

I have always been amazed at the number of times building and renovating projects end in dispute between the builder and the property owner. In recent times I have met several owners who have suffered this fate. Most people are not aware of the complicated process involved in building works.

For this reason I am now offering a new consultation service focused on finding and screening a competent builder. The correct choice of builder is the most crucial appointment in a construction project.

Undertaking a building and renovating project is one of the most important financial decisions a person can make. Building and renovating invariably requires a large financial outlay by the owner. The consequences of falling out with the builder can be horrific.

Building disputes can cause much heartache for the building owner resulting in budget blowouts, time delays and sometimes even costly litigation; things can really turn ugly for all concerned. The owner is in the most vulnerable position as the builder can walk away leaving a project in limbo.

I am a registered building practitioner and I have also engaged the services of builders. This has given me firsthand experience in understanding the complexities and pitfalls involved in construction projects. I am also a member of the Housing Industry Association; they provide up-to-date information and specialist advice when required.

I have developed a checklist which is the result of my 25 years of experience in both the building and real estate industries. As part of my consultation I will provide this checklist to clients.

As well as assisting clients with sourcing a competent builder, just as importantly I will also advise on how to effectively screen potential candidates. I will guide clients in regards to the relevant questions to ask candidates. I will also provide tips and advice about the planning and construction stages of the project.

I encourage anyone to contact me before carrying out any building or renovating works.

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