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Edzel Sy and Maria Rowena (Albion)

Buying our first home is definitely one of the biggest decisions we have ever made. Getting ourselves to a long-term commitment, we knew we had to be very cautious and yet our excitement would very often get the best of us.

Maria and I have arrived in Melbourne on July 2018, and immediately started planning on getting a house of our own. We have been searching high and low, doing our fair bit of research for a couple of months, and still not feel any confident whether we were on the right track or not. On several occasions, we thought of just getting a random apartment close to the CBD and just get the whole thing started. Thank God we did not.

Fortunately, a colleague of mine heard of our ordeal and made a referral to a buyer’s advocate. I was initially hesitant of ‘hiring’ someone to help us out for what seemed to be an ‘easy work’. But we were keen on giving it a try as there was nothing to lose anyway, so we have set an appointment with Peter Rogozik.

Peter Rogozik is an absolute professional. He knew exactly the right questions to ask, and how to address every concern we had. He is a true wealth of information, and did not hold back. What we got during the initial meeting was a confirmation that finally, we are on the right track.

We have engaged Peter to help us out, and he did so for more than 4 months! As newcomers to Melbourne, we had absolutely no idea how to get started and where, but Peter was there helping us out in every way possible. When we ran into some uncertainties, Peter was always there – just a phone call away. Not once has he rushed us into making a decision, but instead, as the market was volatile, he advised us when to pace ourselves.

For myself, the best part of the whole engagement was that – not a single instance has Peter made me feel like he was just after our money. In fact, there were times when I felt we were not paying Peter for his service enough (because he’s just that good) and I made an advance payment to him. I was dumbfound when Peter wanted to refund the money back and said I did not have to. What a guy!

We were on a tight budget, but Peter ensured that we will get the best for every buck we had and he really did! We had a very unreasonable checklist given our limited funds, but guess what? On the 16th of March this year, we bought our first home and everything in our checklist was ticked and almost DOUBLED – literally.

We are, beyond words, satisfied with Peter Rogozik’s service. We wanted a nice home and a great investment, and we are very confident we got just that. All thanks to him.

Without a doubt, getting Peter Rogozik to help us out in this journey is the single best decision we have ever made! Piece of advice? Give it a shot, talk to him and see for yourself how he can be of help to you. I guarantee, you will not regret it.

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