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Peter Rogozik Property Consulting

Jill and Peter (Glen Iris)

Thankyou for supporting and guiding us on our torturous adventure in the housing market. Your personal integrity and professionalism were most reassuring during our ultimately very successful search.

It was far more cost-effective than we could possibly have imagined. We requested pre-purchase reports on 3 properties, with associated purchase negotiation services (to keep Agents at a respectful but negotiable distance) and still saved very substantial sums below Vendor Reserve on purchase price.

Peter’s price-range estimates across a range of properties were amazingly accurate, keeping our affordability parameters well grounded. Peter was very generous with a whole cluster of insights about how the market really works how agents, vendors – and buyers – operate or may be expected to operate.

This advice and commentary was especially reassuring and genuinely educative for the future as well as our current needs. We picked Peter from a range of Buyers’ Advocates because of his relevant qualifications and practical experience in the industry. He was not a ‘sell-side’ practitioner who was judiciously diversifying or leveraging his experience into the ‘buy’ side of the industry.

Peter has low-key, genuinely reassuring personal style uncommon around the property market and his performance at Auction was just masterly.

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