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Peter Rogozik Property Consulting

Michael and Jacinta Fitzgerald (West Footscray)

A friend, who was aware that we were interested in purchasing an adjoining property, recommended Peter Rogozik Property Consulting. We engaged Peter and he was a great assistant to some relatively new people to the property market.

Peter was prompt to move, with a comprehensive property report, and a sound knowledge of similar house prices that sold in the area, and a realistic purchase price provided to us within days.

Peter also provided a ‘game plan to purchase’ prior to auction, and if necessary on auction day.

Peter not only provided all of the above information, but he did this in a timely and professional manner, which is crucial in this type of business.

However what Peter also supplied was his insight into realistic parameters and his recommendation not to purchase on emotion alone.

This was certainly the case in this instance, as the property in question would not provide what we required in the short term and would be too expensive in the long term. There were better and cheaper ways to invest in the property market at the time.

So we passed on the property and now are looking for another opportunity in the area.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Peter, from Peter Rogozik Property Consulting to any one interested in gaining and informed decision on property investment and not just someone out to make a quick buck from you.

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