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Peter Rogozik Property Consulting

Micheal Hanna (Ascot Vale)

Peter is very personable and his client care was excellent. He met his deadlines and returned calls promptly. He seemed genuinely interested in achieving the best outcome for us.

We liked the ‘turnkey’ features of the service i.e. Peter evaluated the property, managed the condition report and legal advice before bidding; and the payment structure which was a flat rate and a ‘pay as you go’ format. Peter was also very responsive to my suggestions on contacting Council and following up issues with the Agent.

We really liked the opportunity to get a briefing on the building’s condition on site so we could see at first hand what the issues were.

Peter was also upfront about getting it wrong on the valuation range which was refreshing! Seriously though, it indicated a humility which is rare in the property industry. Peter’s advice on bidding was also very insightful and very accurate given how the auction played out on the day for the property at Roxburgh Street.


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