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Peter Rogozik Property Consulting

Paul Waite and Joanna Shaw (Ban Sisangvone, Vientiane Lao PDR)

Peter is patient and trustworthy; he listens; and gives an honest answer. Indeed I’d like to buy him a beer one day. We think you saved us $12,000 – $17,000, as well as gave us confidence that what we are buying meets our criteria and has great potential for capital growth. So you saved us money, saved us time and identified a great property.

The first couple of houses you submitted were good range-finders – both for you and for us. They helped us clarify our own requirements and whether or not we were being realistic. I think that is something we didn’t anticipate – that our requirements would change. It was, in effect, an organic process which we all went through together. We did, at times, feel under self-imposed pressure to make a decision.

But I really liked the fact that you submitted another property (calbung in Madeline St) even after you had submitted 63 Madeline St, and indicated that it would be no problem continuing to look further afield if neither property worked out for whatever reason. Excellent regular updates – generally on a weekly basis or thereabouts. We felt that you guys were running with the ball and that we hadn’t been put on the back burner just because we’re outside of Australia.

Good quality reports and as previously mentioned an excellent use of images. We also appreciated not being charged for changing our criteria (from apartment, to house).

We will in due course speak with you regarding the management of a few basic renos to the house before we return to Australia (removal of cladding, floorboards, installation of original sash windows, ect.) as we have absolute trust and confidence in your ability to get the job done.

Overall, we haven’t been able to speak highly enough to our friends and family of the service you provide. Thanks and well done.

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