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Home maintenance

Preventative home maintenance will save property owners many thousands of dollars. Spending a little on a regular basis is more cost effective than making substantial outlays due to having to replace entire building components because of neglect. Not only will regular maintenance save money it will result in a safer home environment.

Every home owner should keep a register recording service dates for all appliances. This will ensure that the appropriate service time frames are not forgotten.

Servicing gas appliances and checking smoke detectors are particularly important as failure to carry out these tasks can have dire consequences. Faulty gas heaters can emit carbon monoxide and cause death.

Other home safety requirements that are important are making sure gates and locks are operating properly on barriers to pools and spas. Also, window blind cords should be eliminated as this has caused infant strangulation.

Cleaning out roof guttering is important as excessive debris can cause water to over-flow into the dwelling. Making sure rain water flows away from the building should also be a priority. Water pooling in the sub-floor will rot building elements as well as provide a breeding ground for termites.

Tree roots should be kept away from a dwelling. As well as damaging footings they will draw water from the soil which will cause building movement. This leads to subsidence and damage to the building structure.

There should be sufficient ventilation in areas that create smoke or steam. For example, a properly installed exhaust fan in wet areas will assist in avoiding unhealthy mould spores.

Licensed trade people should be used where required e.g. plumbing and electrical work. Using tradesmen that are not licensed increases the likelihood of dodgy workmanship resulting in an unsafe living environment.

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